Illustrating Thursdays: Poucette (Thumbelina) Illustrated by Charlotte Gastaut

Illustrating Thursdays is a new meme Created and Hosted here on I’ll Read Anything Once. Along with reading, one of my great loves is art and illustration. Illustrating Thursdays is made to show off both. Favorite picture books or illustrations from a book, illustrations or art based on a book, or art that reminds you of a book you love are all fair game. Make sure to credit the artists and provide info on the books you choose. If you want to participate please do! Leave a link to your posts in the comments and link us in your post. (we’re working on a widget for everyone to use when they participate in the future).

Charlotte Gastaut is a French artist and illustrator. She’s got lots of books to her name including the lovely Poucette (you can see a complete list at her website here. )

I love her use of repeating shapes and lines, which gives her work a modern feel and for me calls to mind beautiful textiles and fabrics. Her use of color to create feeling in a scene is extremely well done (see the use of sepia tones for the snow scene, bright splashes of orange in the water scene).

I am a huge fan of Gastaut, many of her books are rare or difficult to get your hands on, at least in the US. If you come across one I definitely recommend snatching it up and sending it to me enjoying it! I assure you that her work can charm readers of all ages, while also making your house look super fabulous matted and framed.

Check out more of Gastaut’s work here and here.


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