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Save a Teacher, Plant a Library: Master List of all School Supplies to be Donated

The following supplies are what we hope to raise through our book and supply drive. The items will be divided evenly between our 5 classrooms. If you would like to donate any items please email readanythingonce {at} gmail {dot} com for more information. Make some great teacher’s and student’s new years a little brighter!!

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Save a Teacher, Plant a Library: Master List of all Books to be Donated

This is the Master List of all the books we hope to give to our five chosen at the end of the book and supply drive. As individuals and groups pledge to donate one or more of the books their color on the list will change to red. Once we receive the pledged book we will strike through it on the list e.g. The Gruffalo. Anyone is more than welcome to donate multiple copies of one book, but our goal is to receive at least one copy of each. You can look below to see what classrooms the books will be donated to, check back often to see which books have been pledged and donated.

For more information on donating email readanythingonce [at] gmail [dot] com

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‘Save a Teacher, Plant a Library’ Book and Supply Drive

I went to a poor elementary school,  I was in one of those multi-grade classrooms that included third and fifth grade students as well as my fellow fourth graders. It was a big class, like all of the classes in my school, between 25-30 kids. Most of the teachers were barely squeaking by with their sanity.

I met one of those teachers (who I never had, but who every child in the school agreed was a big-mean-ogre) many years later, retired and still volunteering to help under-privileged children. She is a sweet, quiet, competent woman who I now understand was vastly outnumbered, overworked, and underpaid.

My teacher was different. At least to my untrained eyes. Endlessly patient, endlessly energized and motivated to teach. She wanted us to learn, she craved our understanding, her desire to see us grow and absorb new concepts was readily apparent. And she had a library.

A Library. In her classroom.

She had converted a supply closet, with its precious and rare storage space, into a classroom library from which she doled out Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume and Alice in Wonderland. Number the Stars and a plethora of other Newberry medalists were there, with their  gold-foil circles gleaming out at us. We were breathless and a little baffled, children being trusted with books.

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