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Illustrating Thursdays: Hades and Persephone

Illustrating Thursdays is a new meme Created and Hosted here on I’ll Read Anything Once. Along with reading, one of my great loves is art and illustration. Illustrating Thursdays is made to show off both. Favorite picture books or illustrations from a book, illustrations or art based on a book, or art that reminds you of a book you love are all fair game. Make sure to credit the artists and provide info on the books you choose. If you want to participate please do! Leave a link to your posts in the comments and link us in your post. (we’re working on a widget for everyone to use when they participate in the future).

If you don’t think this is completely stunning then you and I are clearly not looking at the same thing. Hades and Persephone 1, by Sandara on DeviantART, is the kind of art that makes me dream. The emotion that she can wring out of the viewer using light, color, and expression (seriously look at those faces and that body language) is magical.

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